• Who is Kerr and Ladbrook Catering?

    We are an award winning caterer locally owned and based in the Waikato-BOP region. We boast 15+ years of catering experience including an experienced event management team and award-winning chefs and support staff.

  • How do I book an event and/or a venue?

    To secure a booking please email us on [email protected] -or- alternatively phone us on 078389338.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Payment options may vary. To confirm an event booking a 20% deposit may be required. A client must confirm final guests’ numbers 10 days prior to the confirmed event date. Payment of the known full costs must be paid in full no later than 5 days prior to the confirmed event date. Any unforeseen costs must be settled post the confirmed event date or within 7 days of an invoice being provided.

  • Can I change or cancel my event booking?

    Yes. Our standard ‘Terms and Conditions’ is available on our company website to view. Refer to our Cancellation Policy on page 10.

  • What type of catering (food/menu) is best suitable for an event?

    Our experienced event management team can provide you with an information pack that includes expertly designed menu options best suited for most occasions. We can also design menus specific to your needs and wants.

  • What is Kerr and Ladbrook’s cut-off time for making a booking or placing an order?

    There is no cut off time for making a booking per-se. That said, considerations will take into account the availability of a venue or the securing of a preferred booking date in the calendar year. Online orders will be as per information posted online.

  • Is there a minimum spend?

    Not normally. Events vary and therefore our events team will work closely with you to provide costs or information for your ease of decision making. Orders online will be as per prices quoted online.

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Yes. We have a set central city delivery fee &/or a per kilometre fee, as applicable.

  • What kind of dietary requirements do you cater for?

    We can cater to most dietary requirements. These include medical, cultural, or specific dietary needs (Gluten free, Dairy free, etc).

  • When will I get confirmation of my event or order?

    Once all the details are known, we can supply a ‘quote’ or ‘confirmation of an event booking’ in writing consistent with our standard ‘Terms and Conditions’.

  • Do you guarantee delivery of services on time?

    We pride ourselves in our planning and execution of an event booking or order placed. Every endeavour will be made to ensure your event runs to plan, or your order is delivered on time.

  • How is the meal served?

    Your provided quote will feature a ‘scheduled timeline’ or ‘running order of events’, including meal serve times etc. We would discuss such timelines during the initial planning phase.

  • Will I need to heat some meal items?

    In most cases no. As per the Food Act 2014, as an approved caterer, we would handle all food preparations. In situations such as out-catering in which food is dropped off, any reasonable re-heating instructions would be provided to ensure elimination of any food contamination.

  • Do I need to supply platters?

    We supply all required food platters for your event.

  • Do I need to provide helpers?

    No. As pertaining to the meal service, consistent with government food control plan, staff requirements would be discussed during the initial planning phase.

  • What recyclable or environmentally options do you provide?

    Each venue has its own range of facilities so we would work with you or the venue manager on best solutions for recycling glassware, cardboard, food waste etc.

  • Can you help with staffing and/or providing equipment?

    Yes, we can provide you with a quote for required services for consideration.

  • Do I need to provide any equipment?

    Not normally. In the initial planning stages, equipment requirements will be discussed and confirmed. In some cases, clients may arrange their own equipment i.e., music sound systems etc providing such arrangements are in keeping with any conditions made known.

  • Can we cater the food ourselves?

    No. Consistent with the Government Food Act 2014, as a caterer, we are fully responsible for the execution of all food preparation ensuring food provided is safe to consume.

  • Do you make wedding cakes?

    Yes, we can provide a cake (refer to quote provided if applicable). Alternatively, clients are welcome to arrange their own wedding cake. K&L staff will be available to slice cake into portions and place on tables etc.

  • Do you supply drinks?

    Yes. We can make available a full range of beverages to suit any budget. We can also arrange bar tabs/cash bar etc.